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LARE Review & Prep Session


LARE Candidates in the New England region are invited to participate in a prep session at the Rhode Island School of Design Campus hosted by the Rhode Island Chapter of ASLA.


The sessions are a proven, affordable format featuring one book of study materials per exam section published by PPI, Inc. The proven course format addresses the full spectrum of experience and learning styles providing success for over 1,000 successful candidates since 2008, including 100 candidates during 2016 to date.


NEW DATE: Join us on Saturday, November 9 in room 106 at the Rhode Island School of Design Bayard Ewing Building: 231 South Main St., Providence, RI 02903.


RISD's Bayard Ewing Building is conveniently located in downtown Providence, just a 10-15 minute walk from Providence Station (served by Amtrak and Boston's MBTA). 

Contact us at with questions.

Fees for ASLA Members:

Section 1 & 2:      $125

Section 3:            $90

Section 4:            $140

All Sections:       $355

Fees for Non-Members:

Section 1 & 2:      $155

Section 3:            $120

Section 4:            $170

All Sections:       $445


Section 1 & 2 are approximately 60 minutes each, Section 3 is 2.25 hours and Section 4 is 4 hours in length. Candidates may attend separate sessions or attend all 4 sections in full day. The session format enables candidates to assess strength and weakness, to preview problem styles, experience drilling, discover success factors as well as hear an over view of exam content to enhance overall exam performance. The Section 3 & 4 session features slides, videos, discussion, individual questions, along with supplemental handouts plus customized post session follow-up emails.


Pre-Registration is required for the class.

Thank you to our generous sponsor for their assistance with this event!

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